Create meeting with you friends : Mizban is a place you can create desk or meeting and share it with your friends, as you invite your friends to the Mizban you get promotion and discount from coffees and other places that Mizban offers

What Mizban do

Making your meetings' arrangement easier

Selecting Meeting Location

Mizban help you to select the most appropriate location

Invite members

Mizban let to easily invite you friends with their email address

Selecting Meeting Time

Mizban helps you to select the best time among your friends


By inviting your friends to Mizban, you get promotion and discount from places that Mizban offers


You can store meetings' memories in Mizban cloud, you'll have them forever!

This is a place to meet your friend and take care about each other, Mizban is a service provider it'll help to manage your meetings more easily and keep track what happened in the past, Also planning the future

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